Sunday 1/28 & 2005 SAN ANGELO PINOT GRIGIO

Slept in today til about 9:00 when Bear came in and wanted to know when his pancakes would be ready. Just a nice, lazy morning with a good cup of coffee and the Sunday newspaper. The kids and I headed out for downtown Little Rock and the Statehouse Convention Center to go to a boat/fishing show which featured live tigers and a live trout fishing pond. On the way there Monkeydoodle was telling me about a lesson at her school where they talked about a saint going to an island and helping people affected by the Leopard Seals. Listening to a few more details I figured out that the lesson had to do with leprosy instead of "Leopard Seals" but I had a good chuckle over that and have laughed to myself several times sense. At the show we wandered around looking at the different boats and fishing booths and finally came to a good-sized trout holding pen that probably had 65 rainbows inside. For a mere $3 each kid was able to get a pole containing a hook with a pink grub on the end. I thought for sure they were wasting their time. Of course, ten minutes into it Bear caught about a 2 pound rainbow, probably the biggest in the pen, so my pessimism was unfounded. We ended up bringing 3 home in a plastic bag and cleaning them to have another day.
After a trip to the "last chance" mass, we came home to the aroma of a freshly baked chicken that I had placed in the oven prior to leaving. I prepared it like this:

Cut 2 lemons into quarters. Cut 1 orange into quarters. Placed all of the lemons and orange quarters into the cavity of a 4 pound chicken. Covered the outside of the bird with olive oil then sprinkled with sea salt, pepper, garlic salt and lemon pepper. Cooked at 425 degrees for an hour and a half.
Just before taking out of the oven I cut up day old sourdough bread and sauteed in olive oil til brown. Then placed the cut-up chicken over the croutons and served. Bon Appetit!

We had a wonderful bottle of 2005 Italian Pinot Grigio by San Angelo that accompanied the delightful, French peasant chicken we had. Very fruity and very light on the tongue. I think some Pinto Grigio's are too heavy but this one tastes like what I've come to expect out of a good Italian. I picked this up for $7.99 and it was also worth every penny. I highly recommend and will buy more on my next trip to T's. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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