Sunday saw us camped out cheering on our mighty Chicago Bears in their great win over the Saints. Sorry Katrina victims but I just had to pull for my Bears. I've always loved New Orleans, got engaged there, and hope it comes back stronger than ever. We can only hope! No wine during the game but we did have some tasty bloody marys made like this:

Buy one bottle of Mr. & Mrs. T's Mix, Spicy preferably. Pour into blender. Add appropriate amount of vodka. Then add old bay seasoning to taste as well as hot pepper sauce and about 8-10 large, boiled shrimp. Mix and pour over ice in highball glasses. Top with a little pepper. Good stuff!

We finished the night off with a delightful glass of Green Point Chardonnay, a great little wine from the Yarra Valley of Australia. I don't normally like Australian chardonnay but T has been getting some great buys on these and finding some diamonds in the rough. This was normally a $14.99 bottle that I was able to get for $6.99. I originally bought 3 bottles and liked it so much that I went back and bought the last 7 bottles T had.
I highly recommend Green Point, if you can find it, and hope you enjoy the bloody mary recipe.

My first "Rhettism" I wanted to share occurred this morning when he woke up shaking his head and exclaimed, "Man that was a quick night"! That's my boy summing things up in a nutshell. Remember, Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!

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