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I'm Lee W and until late 2006 I happily resided in the Windy City, Chi-town, U.S.A. In late 06 I got an opportunity to "go south young man", to, of all places, Little Rock, Arkansas, where I'm happy to report MOST of the women wear shoes and have all of their teeth contrary to popular belief. I'm happily accompanied through this life by #1, who I'll refer to my wife as, monkey doodle, my 8-yr old princess and Rhettman, my 6-yr old football/basketball/baseball/soccer star, boy to the core, son. I established 365Corks.com to chronicle my 5-yr plan to establish a wine distributorship and retail outlet but most importantly to provide reviews of the many bottles of wine I try, and most often, consume, during a years time (hence 365Corks.com) My primary focus will be wine but I'll also include details of daily life in The Rock, a good recipe when I come across one, and "Rhettisms". My 6-yr old is damn near world famous for coming up with "humorous" observations of how the world appears to a boy in kindergarten so we started naming them Rhettisms. My good friend, T.C., is my connection for affordable and interesting wines which can be hard to come by in Little Rock, Arkansas, to say the least! I hope you get something useful from this site and maybe a good laugh once in awhile. Come with me on this journey and check back often as I'll try to post frequently. Any links from fellow wine lovers would be most appreciated.

UPDATE: Well, like all good plans mine have changed a little. Life in Little Rock, Arkansas, just wasn't getting it for us so we up and moved to beautiful Northern Virginia. We're a short 30 miles from Washington, D.C. and close to all the East Coast has to offer. We're also surrounded by vineyards, 130+ at last count. Stay tuned for new life adventures from this new part of the country.

UPDATE PART II: Well yet another life changing experience. After six years in Northern Virginia I've relocated to beautiful Huntington Beach, California. Why you might ask? No reason. Just never lived in this part of the country and the rest of the family was all for it. I was the only hold out and finally gave in. We'll see how this new adventure works out.

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