Tuesday, 3/6, Little Rock & Beebe, AR

As mentioned in my post of 3/5, I made it by T's place this afternoon after several hours in Beebe, Arkansas and did he have some great deals today. My featured wine reviewed is one of the ones I picked up. A little older than a lot of Chardonnays I've reviewed but I have found that 3-4 years in the bottle does not necessarily make for a bad chardonnay and you can get some killer closeout deals if you're willing to buy what some may consider an "old" wine. Once this one was unscrewed, I know uncorked sounds so much better, I poured a glass and let it sit for about 10 minutes or so. The 2003 Goundrey Offspring Chardonnay had a very yellow appearance in my glass which is much different than I expect to see out of a Chardonnay. In fact, it was so yellow it called to mind my last physical but that is a totally different story and I want to stay focused on wine. That mental picture was the only thing I could come up with to explain the "yellowness" of this wine. The nose smelled very clean as I've noticed seems indicative of the Australians I've had of late. I picked up a little bit of fruit, maybe melon and a little bit of orange, but very little oak, if any. I'm not sure what they are barrelling this wine in but I'm guessing primarily stainless with a short time in oak, if at all. Very fruit full on the tongue with the orange and a little bit of peach showing up and a nice smooth finish. I came very close to giving this one 5 corkscrews but after a little bit of deliberation decided to give it 4 corkscrews. I paid $3.99/bottle which at that price this wine has a very nice taste and is a GREAT value. I stocked up on a case and a half of new, affordable wines, so keep checking back as I'm looking forward to sharing what I discover about them. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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