Weekend 3/3-4, Little Rock, AR
Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla! The overwhelming nose and taste of this weekend's reviewed wine, to me, was vanilla. I uncorked the 2005 3 Blind Moose Chardonnay on Saturday night but couldn't decide how I felt about, maybe my taster was off, so I put it back in the wine cellar and re-tasted on Sunday. The vanilla nose was still there as was the vanilla taste. It wasn't a bad taste, per Se, just a little different. This wine is also very full-bodied, almost thick for lack of a better term, which was surprising. I say surprising because when I poured it the color was very light gold bringing to mind sauvignon blanc or even pinot grigio. A little bit of oak was present but not overpoweringly so. I paid $10.79/bottle and gave this one 3 corkscrews. Decent taste but almost too much, price wise. I would buy this again but would have to find it on sale as the almost $11.00 I paid is really too much for this wine. If you've got a little time to kill, however, I can highly recommend their website, (it can be linked above), as it is pretty cool! Lots of interactivity! On the home front #1 and my little girl went to a girl scout camp this weekend so my little boy and I had a "guys" weekend with lots of junk food and popcorn in bed watching Episodes III, IV, and V of Star Wars. I try to find times that I can spend individually with each of my kids as I consider it priceless and because they really do grow up so fast. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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billski said...

I am far from a wine affecinado. I just am enamoured over the chard. Sweet, fruity and smooth, it's my daily dinner. Accompaniment. At $10 in nhls it's hard to go wrong. Been sampling 06-08.