Friday, 3/2, Little Rock, AR
After a somewhat unproductive day, I felt like I was in a fog for a good part of it, I came home and played some catch with my little boy who is getting ready for baseball tryouts on Sunday. Once it got dark we came in and while he headed for his computer, to do a little gaming of course, I started dinner. Some nice, marinated salmon, a healthy salad with homemade dressing and a couple of steamed vegetables with a little seasoning was on the menu and by the time #1 and my little girl got home from guitar lessons, dinner was ready. I chose the 2005 Hess Select Chardonnay because I felt it would be a nice accompaniment to the fish and because I have had such good luck with a variety of reds made by Hess. Unfortunately this wine did not live up to my expectations. Not that it was bad, there was just nothing about it that inspired me at all. No unique nose to speak of and it was a little too heavily bodied. Maybe it's because I've really been enjoying some of the more "natural" chardonnays I've had recently but this one tasted very manipulated and over-oaked. Not a very good finish either! I paid $10.99/bottle for this and at that price I expected a whole lot more from it. I wavered back and forth over giving it 2 or 3 corkscrews but while writing this I decided that I can only give it 2 corkscrews. If it had been more in the $6-7/bottle range I probably would have given it 3 but at $10.99 I just don't think it has the taste or the value. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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Trevor said...

Good review Rob. We've had a similar experience with Hess wines--we've found the reds to be solid, but the whites leaving something to be desired.