Saturday, 3/17, Little Rock, AR
Almost back to 100% health which allowed me and #1 to attend a great St. Patrick's Day party at some friends. Lots of good Irish stew, I'm still trying to get the recipe and will share it when I do, lots of finger foods, a surprise birthday cake for the hostess and several different type brownies. They had green icing so I guess they qualify to be Irish. Our hostess provided today's reviewed wine in the huge bottle quantity and not feeling that my stomach was quite ready for Guiness, I settled for the 2005 Yellow Tail Chardonnay. All I can say is that this is not good wine if you've EVER had good wine. No nose to speak of and extremely sweet and almost undrinkable to me. Now this is just one man's opinion and I'm sure some people love this stuff because it seems to be all over the place in the liquor stores. Of course the 1.5 liter sells for about $6.99 so you do get a lot for your money. The only problem is that you then have to drink it. Sorry to say this was my reentry into wine tasting and rating but it is what it is. Easily gave this 1 Corkscrew as I would NEVER buy this myself, would never drink it again and if I accidentally did buy it I would promptly pour it down the sink. Not that I've got anything against the sink! They've got a decent web site and maybe they should stick to web site design and get out of making wine. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine (just not this)!

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Sonadora said...

Argh, I really disklike the type a word thing, I never seem to get it right!

In anycase, I'm sorry you tried this...I had the misfortune of trying the riesling (if you can call it that) not too long ago and I think we finally dubbed it "weed killer."