Monday, 3/5, Little Rock, AR
No review on tap today as #1 and I opened one of our favorites, Kunde Estate Chardonnay, which I've reviewed in the past, and settled in to watch the latest episode of 24. I did want to share highlights of a WSJ article by John R. Wilke regarding counterfeiting of rare wines that I thought was particularly interesting. Highlights of the article were:

-The art fraud unit of the FBI is conducting an investigation focusing on whether auction houses, collectors and/or importers are knowingly selling counterfeit wines.

-Wine Spectator estimates that as much as 5% of all rare vintages sold may be fake.

-Christie's Auction House did $58 million worth of wine auction business in 2006.

-Zachy's Wine did a record $35 million in wine auction sales in 2006.

-In 1995 a 20,000 bottle cache of bogus Tuscan Sassicaia was seized by Italian authorities. France's Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Australias Penfolds Grange have also been targeted by counterfeiters.

For those of you who may be collecting fine, rare wine, be aware that there are scamster's out there trying to separate you from your hard earned money. I'm making a wine run tomorrow and will be reviewing a whole new set of wines in the coming days. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink "Authentic" Wine, not Counterfeit!

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