Mon. & Tues., 4/2-3, Little Rock, AR

Getting back into the routine of life after a week of Spring Break relaxation. We all seemed to be dragging a little on Monday and my little girl had a soccer game on Tuesday where both teams seemed to have the Spring Break drags as well. We uncorked the 2005 Chateau Potelle on Monday night and didn't get around to finishing it until Tuesday. Upon opening and pouring, the nose revealed evidence of honeydew and grapefruit but both were very subtle and weren't all that impressive. In the mouth flavors of citrus and fruit were noted but for me the acidity seemed a little much. In fact I wasn't impressed with this wine at all. #1, on the other hand, really liked it. She had tasted it before and liked it equally then. Maybe it's a woman thing and who am I to argue with #1. I begrudgingly gave this one 3 corkscrews as I paid $9.99/bottle and at that price it needed to wow me a little more than it did. That being said I can tell you that #1 would easily buy this again and at that price or maybe even a little higher. Try it and let me know if I missed this one entirely or is this just a girly wine? Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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