Wednesday, 4/4, Little Rock, AR
After a somewhat busy day at work for me and a hectic deadline #1 was trying to meet on a project, we were blessed with an unexpected spend the night with grandparents opportunity for the kids. After a little downtime around the house, tending to some Little League baseball stuff and waiting for #1 to finish her project, we set out to find a nice place for a glass of wine and an appetizer or two. We ended up at Imagine A Restaurant which is one of Little Rock's newer places. After settling in and looking at the menu we decided on some raw blue point oysters, calamari, a house specialty salad and the 2005 Domaine Alfred Pinot Gris. Let me tell you this. This wine is probably the best bottle I've had in two years! A bold statement I know but there are no words to explain how good it really was. On the nose very mineral and earthy which I've really come to like in a wine. On the tongue flavors of citrus, melon, lemon and a hint of lime with an absolute perfect finish that stays on the palate long after you've swallowed. This was one of those wines that I wanted to savor every drop and hated to see it end. A perfect accompaniment to the food and great company made for a very enjoyable impromptu evening. Imagine A Restaurant has an eclectic menu with fish, meat, pasta and other dishes available. I think their entrees are a little high-priced for this market but time will tell if Arkansan's will regularly pay them. Easily gave this wine 5 corkscrews even at the restaurant price of $31.00/bottle. Great, great, great taste and I strongly recommend finding some and trying as soon as possible. I know I will be getting with T and ordering numerous bottles if he doesn't already have it in stock. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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Victoria said...

Wow, "probably the best bottle I've had in 2 years". That is a bold statement... I will have to get a bottle ASAP and give it a try. Thanks for making me aware of this bottle!