Friday, 4/20, Little Rock, AR

After a day of handling paperwork, I headed home to get ready for my monthly card game. Wanting to take the pre-game edge off I uncorked the 06 Sebeka Sauvignon Blanc that I picked up last week. I wasn't familiar with this vineyard but have had South African wines before and remembered them positively. I poured a glass of this right out of the wine cellar which seemed to be a little colder than usual. I've since adjusted it and both my reds and whites now appear to be at the right temperature. After a few swirls of this the nose was down right medicinal with nothing in it that I could readily identify. Taking a taste I was blown away with the bitterness of this wine! It was so bitter that it tasted like spoiled grapefruit juice, which is not really the taste I am looking for in a bottle of wine. I sat the glass down and had a nice glass of water to try and cleanse the palate but my second taste was no better. I won't even go into the finish because at that point all I wanted was for it to end. Thinking that I may have a bad bottle on my hands, I left it out on our counter and waited for it to warm up a little. I've found in the past that this will help at times. After 30 minutes or so I got a fresh glass, poured a new taste and gave it a second chance. No real nose to speak of but the flavor in the mouth was at least drinkable. I finished the small taste and put the bottle back in the refrigerator so that #1 could try it and give her opinion. Her review was much more positive than mine and she actually liked it. I was going to give this one 1 Corkscrew but based on the positive feedback from #1 I raised it to 2 Corkscrews. I can't in good conscience recommend this although it was relatively inexpensive at $7.99/bottle. I just don't think the taste is there! After reviewing this wine I did a little further research and learned that Gallo is behind this wine and if you check out other sites the reviews were somewhat glowing. Could it be that the massive marketing push has anything to do with that? I don't know but I would be surprised to see this wine around a year from now. At least this varietal. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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Dusk said...

I bought some 2006 Sebeka SB at a convenience store in my NW Washington, DC neighborhood knowing nothing about it but wanting to find a dry, inexpensive SB. I loved it. All my friends who tried it loved it. Now I'm living in New Orleans looking here on the Internet hoping to find where I can get it down here.