Tuesday, 6/19, Las Vegas, NV
Final day in Vegas! We started our day at Riva Poolside overlooking, appropriately, The Venetian pool. #1 ordered the salmon pizza scramble while I went for the omelette filled with all kinds of good stuff. Both were extremely tasty! One word of caution, however, pick one or the other and share. Both offered huge portions, neither of which we could finish. If I had a do over we would have split the salmon dish. Light, chewy flat bread, topped with a dill cream sauce, thinly-sliced, smoked salmon, and scrambled eggs. I'm salivating as I write this! A day of shopping, yes shopping, was followed up with drinks by the pool and a later, light appetizer dinner at Tao Asian Bistro which is a really "happening" place. Great light steamed dumplings and a little sushi made for a great stop here. Try it out next time in Vegas. After we finished here we headed back to Pinot Brasserie where we had the cheese plate and cabernet sauvignon from the night before. More of the same tonight! #1 headed back to the room and then I stayed in the casino for what turned out to be a losing night. My problem was that I hit the blackjack table after poker and promptly gave all my poker winnings back to The Venetian. Nothing but Texas Hold 'Em for me from here on out. A great trip none the less! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine, Stay Away from the Casino Table Games!

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