I received a boxed Vinturi, by Rio Sabadicci, from the inventor about two weeks ago. In an earlier posting I had mentioned that I'd like to try it, I was somewhat skeptical of its claims, and provide an honest review, good or bad. With one in, I was given that chance. My initial impression out of the box was that I loved the design! Sleek and elegant looking with raised lettering and a black band for gripping, makes this wine accessory look like an item from one of the Museum's of Contemporary Art. It comes with a black, velvet-like, cloth bag to store the Vinturi in and a stand for displaying in your cellar or on your counter when you're not traveling with it. I thought to myself that if it worked as good as it looked, I was really going to like it. I decided to test it with ten, long-time, vinophiles. I didn't tell them that I was conducting a review so that I would get good, honest feedback. We tried six different reds, some cabernets and some pinot noirs, all from different vineyards and at different price points. Each wine was tried with and without the Vinturi. To a person, men and women both, it was agreed that this sleek little piece of art, made a world of difference in taste! The aroma and flavor of each wine was exceptionally better when poured through the Vinturi first. Since it worked so well with reds we had to try whites as well. We tried chardonnays, sauvignon blancs and pinot gris, and noticed that they were also much more aromatic and flavorful. There really is something to this whole aeration thing! I can honestly say that I will not drink a wine at home that hasn't been through the Vinturi from now on. It's my understanding that more and more tasting rooms are using the Vinturi and once you try it yourself, you'll know why. If you want one of your very own, please visit their website at http://www.vinturi.com/. I don't get a commission or finders fee on any purchase what so ever. I just really like this product and think it's a great addition to the world of wine. I liked it so much that I've added a "Must Have Accessories" section and listed it as the first item. Try this, you'll thank me! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine Poured Through the Vinturi!

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