Friday, 7/6, Little Rock, AR & Chicago, IL
After having some really top notch wines of late, two of which I gave 5 Corkscrews, I'm excited about possibly finding some more 5 Corkscrew contenders during our trip to Chicago. A family outing to our old home town commenced this morning as we rousted both kids, got them fed then it was off to Little Rock National Airport. I'm not sure who named it a "National" airport but it is somewhat false advertising. You can hardly fly anywhere direct and I don't think you can fly direct to any other country. Oh well. Our flight today was direct, on my favorite airline Southwest, and we landed in Chicago a few minutes early which is par for the course with Southwest. We got to our hotel, and after grabbing a quick lunch, we checked in to our room. I promptly went down to a store a block and a half from our hotel, just off Michigan Avenue, and grabbed four bottles of wine, three white and one red. I picked up a 2005 Rubeus of Lore Pinot Noir, a 2006 The Frenchhouse Sauvignon Blanc, a 2006 Jenica Peak Pinot Grigio and a 2005 Hogue Fume' Blanc, all at very reasonable prices compared to what I normally pay for wine in Arkansas. I've not seen any of these wines in Arkansas, hence my choosing them. I'll post a full report on these, any other wines we try while in the Windy City, and a complete recap with photos of our trip. Until then. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!


winedeb said...

Hi Rob - I really like Chicago and just returned from a visit with friends there a couple of weeks ago. But not leaving the city before a trip to Sam's Wine. I loaded the car with a little over 2 cases and have been reviewing my haul on my site. I like Sam's as I always find wines there that I cannot locate wherever I may be. Unfortunately I only have a couple bottles left from my Sam's adventure. Great City!

Rob W said...

Sam's is definitely a great wine store. I started out shopping at their store downtown then frequented their Lombard store after it opened. They've got wines I could never hope to find here in Arkansas. Another great store is Wine Discount Center. Nothing fancy, especially the one on Elston, but great prices and knowledgeable staff. My only regret from this trip was that we flew and couldn't bring several cases back with us. Agree that Chicago is a great city!