Wednesday, August 8, Little Rock, AR
Today's reviewed wine is one that #1 picked up a couple of nights ago when we were tapped out. She paid about $12.00/bottle from our local store that continues to charge too much for their wines. We only go there in a pinch. I'll identify them at a later date as I plan on posting retail store reviews in the coming weeks/months. But on to this review. When I poured this one and took in a big nose full of aroma, I was blown away with the strong, lemon flavor emanating from the glass. I swirled and swirled and finally took a nice mouth full and was greeted by more lemons. Very light in the mouth and a little too much acidity for my liking on the finish. I actually thought I might be drinking a sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio so I went back and double checked the bottle but, alas, I was drinking chardonnay. Much too light for my tastes and dominated by lemon flavors that just don't add up in my book to a good chardonnay. I noted that this is organically grown, so maybe that has some affect. I don't know. Regardless of how it's grown, I only gave it 2 Corkscrews as I can't recommend it on taste or value at the price we paid. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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