I recently had the good fortune to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, my first time, for a weeks worth of meetings and conferences. Fortunately #1 and I were able to go out a few days early after the kid's grandparents agreed to babysit for us. We planned our trip about two months ahead of time and booked a room at the La Posada Resort and Spa. For some reason, still unknown to me, I decided to get on and look at some recent reviews. Needless to say I was shocked by the reviews that had been posted and came very, very close to cancelling our reservations. Thank goodness I didn't! La Posada was probably one of the nicest resorts we've stayed at and I've made my last visit to the TripAdviser site as evidently they are letting a bunch of idiots post reviews there. We stayed in Room 135 at the resort which was located on the periphery of the property. Request this room if you go as it is huge with a separate living room and huge bedroom and bathroom. Great bedding made for some of the best sleep I've had in some time. Our first night there we ate at the property restaurant, Fuego , and I highly recommend it whether you stay at La Posada or somewhere else in Santa Fe. Great, great ambiance, excellent service and sumptuous food! Both of our waiters, yes we had two, were very knowledgeable and had the pacing down perfectly. Incredible menu led to about a three hour dinner. If you go, try the cheese tray as they have cheese that is out of this world. La Posada has a nice, quaint spa, that has all of the services you might want and it is located in a perfect spot to explore downtown Santa Fe from. I can't recommend this resort high enough and it has been added on my list of places to revisit. We had a great time, great food, some really good wine, both red and white, that I just enjoyed and didn't go to the trouble of taking notes for review. Even a wine blogger has to take a break and just enjoy the wine sometimes.
In the coming new year I will be posting about once a week, give or take a day here or there, and plan on expanding to wine, travel locations, restaurants I'm enamored with, or not so crazy about, and I may even post a photograph here or there for comment as I'm getting into photography and would like a little unbiased feedback. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, and stay at La Posada should you ever find yourself in Santa Fe!

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