Monday, 10/15/07, Little Rock, AR
As I mentioned in one of my postings last week, I've discovered a wine accessories site that I think everyone should know about. And just in time for the holidays! Wine-Wall.com was founded by a group of entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about wine and the accoutrement's that are needed to fully enjoy the wine experience. I had a chance to test out their Wine Tube and, needless to say, was very impressed! Made from strong, very stylish, stainless steel, the Wine Tube holds twelve bottles of your wine collection which can be displayed in a way that allows you to easily view the labels. Not to go overboard with hyperbole, but the Wine Tube is truly a work of art. Very easy to install as well and will fit in with any decor. I understand that they've got some great deals on a variety of items that will make great gifts for your favorite oenophile. I liked this site so much that I've added them to my Must Have Accessories list. Drop by their site when you get a chance and see for yourself. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine and Check out Wine-Wall.com


Thursday, 10/11, Little Rock, AR
Finally a new wine in the market to try and to review. We stopped at a little store near our house on the way home from my little girl's victorious soccer game and picked this one up. The 2006 Hob Nob Chardonnay appears like most California chardonnay bottles and that's exactly what the French want us to think. This California-sounding and looking wine is actually a product of France. No problem as far as I'm concerned because if it had been packaged as a fancy french white I probably would have had to pay more. After chilling this for awhile I poured a glass and noted a light-to-medium golden color in the glass. A few swirls later and my nose was treated to lemon, citrus, hazelnut and an overwhelming smell of "freshness" for lack of a better term. On the tongue I noted apple, just the right amount of oak and just a hint of honey. A smooth, velvety finish made for a nice glass of white. I gave this one 4 Corkscrews based on its great taste and just as important, its great price of $8.99 bottle. This may not have hit your market yet but ask your local retailer to source it for you as it is well worth it. I would have awarded 5 Corkscrews but a slight, very, very slight, after bite was present that kept it from achieving the highest rating.
On another note, I've come across a great wine accessories site that I'm going to post about this weekend after I finish testing one of their really unique products. Just in time for all your holiday giving. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!


Monday, 10/8, Columbus Day, Little Rock, AR
Columbus Day, no work and the kids are in school. How often does that happen? Never! After spending an hour this morning doing a little geocaching, I came home and #1 and I got ready for a little lunch and shopping. Having a birthday a few days back, she's been trying to coral me and make me go by some clothes. I've always said she looks at me as her grown-up Ken doll. Things are starting to slow a little around here with Fall baseball done and soccer and football only three weeks or so from finishing up as well. Haven't had any "new" wine as of late hence the lack of posts. Today I had a chance to try a new chardonnay and try out a restaurant that we had been wanting to give a shot. #1 and I headed to the Hillcrest area of Little Rock today and gave Vieux Carre a try. This restaurant is modeled after some found in New Orleans and opened in 2006. I didn't notice a lot of the items I've seen in restaurants in my past trips to New Orleans but they did have a couple that we ended up ordering. We started with crawfish tails that were battered in some type of floured breading and served with a remoulade sauce. Every bite was incredible and I wanted to drink the sauce straight. After settling on a London Broil sandwich #1 talked me into ordering the Crab Cake sandwich instead. Thank you, thank you #1! This was undoubtedly the best Crab Cake sandwich I've ever had. It should be named something else because it is basically a bun filled with deliciously seasoned crab mixed with a little onion and topped with the aforementioned remoulade sauce. I savored every particle that entered my mouth and hated to see the last bite appear on my plate. I will be back for more David Bennett! Of course I had to order wine to wash all this wonderful food down and chose a Purple Mountain Chardonnay. A blend of grapes from all over Sonoma, it had a nice blend of spices, just the right amount of oak and just a little dryness on the finish that you don't normally find in a California chardonnay. I gave it 3 Corkscrews based on value and taste. Not my favorite ever, maybe a little too dry, but good none-the-less. If ever in the Rock check out Vieux Carre! Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often & Drink Wine!