Not a lot of time for posting of late as the new year has been somewhat hectic. I've added a YouTube player on my site after having an opportunity to review the type of videos that they are carrying these days. Just a neat little addition where we can all pick up some new information that we might not know about otherwise. I wanted to mention that I came across an ad in an HDTV magazine that showed up, unexpected, in my mail box the other day. It was an ad for eSommelier Wine Cellar Management. Now as some one who doesn't presently maintain a wine cellar I probably wouldn't have a huge need for this system but I know that a lot of my readers would. I haven't personally used it but it does look like an interesting system. You can check it out at eSommelier.net and see if it is something any of you could use. If you've tried this let me know your thoughts. Stay tuned as I've got a back log of items to write about including a recent trip to the east coast of central Florida where I'll give you a couple of restaurant and hotel tips should you be heading that way. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!

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