Today's reviewed wine is a lovely Cotes du Luberon Blanc White from Rhone Valley Vineyards. I found this one recently and was shocked to find, first, a French anything in Arkansas, and second, a really good French white! This one comes with a screw off cap, even the French are giving into that trend, but after pouring my first tasting I quickly forgot about the lack of cork. Lots of fruit, particularly green apple, with just a hint of dryness, peach and oak. A very nice floral bouquet and spice led to a beautiful, smooth finish. I paid around $11.99 for this one which means if you're just about anywhere else in the world you can probably find it for $8.99 or less. I easily gave this find 4 Corkscrews and highly recommend it. I know I'll be picking up several more bottles in the coming days. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!