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Friday, 7/27, Little Rock, AR
We uncorked today's reviewed wine, a 2004 Kenwood Red Table Wine, soon after arriving home after a long week at the office. This is one of the three I picked up from the Heights store and it was by far the most affordable at $8.99/bottle. I'm not sure how easy it would be to find this as it is a 2004 and at the price I picked it up at, I'm guessing it was a close-out deal. After uncorking and giving it a moment to breathe, I poured a glass for myself and #1. On the nose nothing too complex, just hints of oak and cherry. After pouring I noted a medium, ruby red color with more of the oak and cherry on the tongue, as well as cinnamon? and traces of strawberry. Just a hint of tannin with no after bite whatsoever. At the price I paid I had to give it 4 Corkscrews based on its excellent flavor and great affordability. Another wine that I may go back and stock up on while it's still available. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!


Saturday, 4/21, Little Rock, AR
After a full day of little league baseball, soccer, and more soccer, I came home and threw a couple of filet's on the grill. While they were cooking I unscrewed the cap on the 04 Big House Red. I've had wines from the Big House before and had always liked them but had never reviewed them. It has been quite awhile since I last had one so I was looking forward to seeing if they'd changed at all. I'm happy to say they are still putting out some very good, drinkable, affordable wine. When I poured my first glass of this, the nose was full of cherries and blackberry. In the mouth the cherry and blackberry were still evident along with just the right amount of spice. Very full-bodied, light tannin and an excellent finish. This one is excellent by itself or with food as I experienced my first glass by itself, and the second with the filet's I had just brought off the grill, and was equally impressed with both! I gave this one 4 Corkscrews based on the taste and value as I purchased this bottle for $10.99. I still struggle with the idea of the twist-off caps and that, probably more than anything, kept this one from getting my highest rating. Check out their website as well as it's another one of those really interesting vineyard websites. I think the wine industry must have the best sites of any industry. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often, Drink Wine!



2004 Kunde Estates Chardonnay
2002 Beaucanon Estates Chardonnay
2005 Bohemian Highway Chardonnay

2005 Sebastiani Pinot Noir
2004 Seghesio Barbera
2003 Bolla Valpolicella

2005 Wyndham Estates Bin 222 Chardonnay
2005 King Fish Pinot Grigio

2004 Silver Ridge Pinot Noir
2003 Blackstone Merlot

2004 Silver Ridge Chardonnay
2005 Novella Sauvignon Blanc
2003 Trinchero Sauvignon Blanc
2005 Casillero Del Diablo Sauvignon Blanc
2005 Coastal Ridge Chardonnay
2005 Little Black Dress Chardonnay

2005 Wyndham Estates Bin 333 Pinot Noir

2005 Smoking Loon Sauvignon Blanc
2005 Casillero Del Diablo Chardonnay


Thurs. 2/8, El Dorado & Little Rock, AR

Another first as I had never tried anything from Bolla. We had a large get together several weeks ago and one of our guests brought this as a gift of sorts. A great couple but they have just been bitten by the wine bug and I wasn't sure how refined their taste buds have become. Not that I'm any wine expert but I remember when I first started drinking wine some fifteen years ago my idea of "good" wine was a little, how can I say this, off the mark! I uncorked this one and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so to allow it to breathe and to let the temperature warm up a little as we keep all of our wine in a KitchenAid wine cellar. When I finally poured a glass I saw a medium-dark, ruby color and smelled spices and some type of berries that I couldn't quite identify. My first taste, and subsequent tastes, revealed spiced cherries and a little bit of blackberry. I wasn't looking forward to this wine as I had a hunger for white but alas the cellar was bare so I was happy that this Italian Red Wine ended up hitting the spot. I'm not sure how much it cost but if it was under $8.75 or so I would be a buyer in the future. I gave this one 3 corkscrews as the taste was what I expect out of a red table wine and I can't imagine that it could possibly cost more than $9.00, making it a good value. Daily wrap-up follows:
I got my first trip to El Dorado, Arkansas as I had a days worth of work to do down there. Not a whole lot to report as I was in an office all day with the highlight being a trip to Applebee's for lunch. This is a small town not unlike many small towns throughout Arkansas and the south. After dinner I sat down and watched Grizzly Man which had arrived via Netflix a couple of days ago. Don't know if you've seen it but it was like watching a train wreck getting ready to happen for the entire movie. The main character, Timothy Treadwell, had some kind of mental disorder that prohibited him from understanding that grizzly bears "will" eat you if given the opportunity. Unfortunately he was able to convince his girlfriend that he had some type of power over grizzly bears with the final result being that they both became an afternoon meal for a hungry bear. Wouldn't recommend this movie unless you can't find anything else to do with your time. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!


Mona lisa, mona lisa, men have named you. What Mona Lisa was to the music world the 98 DONNA LISA I had tonight definitely was not to the wine world! I knew as soon as I posted on 1/31 that it had been a long time since I had a bad bottle of wine I was dooming myself. This red wine by Leone de Castris smelled moldy as soon as I uncorked it. I was hoping that with a little time it would mellow but even after decanting, and drinking in "tulip shaped glasses", as they suggest on their label, it got worse. This was pretty much undrinkable and after a couple of sips I threw in the towel and went in a totally different direction to an 05 JACOBS CREEK CHARDONNAY. Now, I will say this. Maybe I got a bad bottle of the Donna and maybe it was just too old! I've got another bottle, I bought three at $6.99 each, and when I've recovered from the bad taste in my mouth from bottle #1 I'll try it again and let you know if there is anything new to report.
The one bright spot was the Jacobs Creek. Very golden color, fruity aroma and tastes of apples, peaches and a slight bit of oak. We enjoyed a glass while watching The Office which if you haven't seen it you should take a look sometime. Steve Carell is excellent as the buffoon boss that most of us have had at one time or another. More snow last night but school, work, etc. was up and running first thing this morning. Looking forward to the weekend and hopefully a big Bears victory. Sit Long, Talk Much, Laugh Often!